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A Long Overdue Mendocino Forest Update!

Our Forest Steward Terri Heath discussing her thoughts on a new area.

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Tree Memorial Pricing Vs. Traditional Options

One of the first questions we always receive is, "how does the pricing in your forests compare to traditional cemetery options?"

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Are Planning Memorials in their 40s and 50s

At Better Place Forests we speak with hundreds of families a week about their memorial planning. Something that has surprised us recently is the number of families planning their memorials in...

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Can Catholics Be Cremated?

Across America, cremation tends to be a controversial, even confusing way of dealing with death. Much of this confusion comes from the religious undertones attached to death, especially within the...

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Everything You Need to Know About Animal Cremation Services

Our pets are every bit a part of our family as humans are. As with any of our loved ones, when we lose a pet, we grieve our loss and we want to make sure we create a proper memorial so we can be...

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Ten Popular Options for Scattering Ashes

If you are choosing cremation, it’s also prudent to decide what to do with your ashes so your family isn’t faced with a difficult decision when they are grieving.

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How You Can Turn Your Loved One's Ashes into Jewelry

Often, when a loved one is cremated, you think about memorializing their ashes in an urn within your home, or perhaps scattering them in the ocean or an area outdoors that they enjoyed when they...

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How Does Cremation Work: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding how cremation works is important for making the best decision for yourself or a loved one someday, so it’s smart to educate yourself now so that you better understand the options...

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What is a Green Burial?

You strive to live a life that’s good for the planet, but what happens when you die?

Traditional burials release a host of toxic chemicals and undegradable material into the ecosystem. However,...

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How Long Does It Take To Get Ashes After Cremation?

Cremation is an afterlife process that is slowly becoming a more preferred alternative to burial. While its popularity is growing, it still remains a practice that few people seem to fully...

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