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Imagining a Good Death: A Better Place Forests Conversation with Katy Butler

The author of The Art of Dying Well offers the lessons she’s learned from the hundreds of people who shared their stories of losing loved ones. It starts, she explains, with getting “clear on what...

Family, The Journey, End of Life Planning

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How to Have The Conversation That’s So Hard Most People Simply Don’t Have It

At Better Place Forests, we believe that the beauty of life doesn’t end with death. That’s why we’re pioneering the first sustainable alternative to cemeteries, and sparking a much needed dialog...

Family, Resources, The Journey

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5 Memorial Details to Discuss With Your Family

Not too long ago, planning you and your family’s memorial was a straightforward proposition. More likely than not, you or a family member would purchase burial plots at the local cemetery and there...

Cremation, Family, Helpful Information, Resources

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